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DURING the summer months our homes become a haven of free space as our washing dries outside on the line. 

The fresh air makes our laundry smell divine, and we get through laundry loads at lightning speed thanks to the toasty temperature. 

But what happens when the sun is replaced with frost, rain and even snow? 

When winter rolls around, the clothes horses reappear in a vain attempt to avoid tumble-dryer costs and help air out items without that horrid damp smell hanging around. 

Some people have gone to great lengths and shared bizarre ideas from hanging washing above the staircase to turning the bathtub into a utility space. 

As it gets chillier and we pop the heating on for a few hours a day, there’s a real temptation to drape freshly-washed items over the radiator for a fast-drying effect – but an expert warns it’s the worst thing you can do. 

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Rebecca Bebbington, a consumer expert at NetVoucherCodes, says that the radiator technique actually causes clothes to take longer to dry as there is more dampness in the air.

“Instead, try putting the clothes on an extra spin, space them out on the airer and make use of any natural light coming in,” she told the Mirror. 

Apparently, an extra few minutes of spinning time will whip off more excess water and will lower the risk of dampness in your home too. 

And there’s more than one solution to banish damp and get those garments ready-to-wear rapidly. 

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“The quickest and easiest remedy is to simply open a window. Even if it’s blowing a storm outside, open that window to encourage air flow,” suggests Rebecca. 

It might not be the first thing you fancy doing when the wind is howling and you’re trying to save money on your heating bill but by cracking that window open – and popping on an extra layer – while your washing dries, you’ll have a happier home and faster-drying (and fresher-smelling) clothes. 

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If you still can’t cope with the breeze running through the house, or the extra spin cycle rattling the kitchen crockery, another way to avoid being tempted by your hot radiators is to buy a dehumidifier. 

Shop around at high street stores like Dunelm and The Range to find the right size to suit your budget. Turning it on while your laundry dries will suck out moisture in the air – just don’t forget to empty all that water out.

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