I’m a cleaning expert and there’s a grim reason you need to wash your pillows MUCH more than you are

A CLEANING expert has revealed the disgusting reason why you absolutely need to clean your pillows more regularly.

Caroline, a cleaning and organisation expert from the US, shared not only why, but how often and what method you should use to clean your pillows.

Caroline explained: "It's a good idea to wash your pillows about twice a year.

"Over time, it can collect a lot of dust mites, sweat, bacteria and allergens."

Grim, we haven't been able to sleep peacefully since finding out.

But don't threat, if you're also grossed out by the thought of putting your face on a mound of dirt every night, Caroline also shared how to keep your pillows clean.


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Caroline says you can easily wash your pillows in the washing machine and advises washing two pillows at a time to balance the washing machine out.

If you really only have one pillow to clean, she suggests chucking in two towels to balance it.

This will ensure the pillows are washed and spun correctly.

Caroline recommends using just a teaspoon of detergent in the wash load and uses the 'gentle' cycle on the washing machine.

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Once the wash cycle is complete, Caroline puts the pillows on another spin cycle to get rid of any excess moisture in the pillow, as if it isn't removed it can cause mould.

Then you can transfer your pillows to the dryer or let them air dry.

If using a dryer, you can add two tennis balls covered in socks into the drum and use a low heat setting.

She explains: This will help fluff up your pillows while they're drying."

Caroline advises to rest your head on the pillow to feel for any excess moisture, and if you do feel any, to put it on another low heat cycle.

The cleaning guru shared her hack on her TikTok, neat.caroline, where it has been viewed over 60k times.

Users loved Caroline's informative video, one wrote: "You know what? Thank you for sharing a basic necessity. Like, genuinely thank you."

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"I’m going to wash my pillows right now, thanks to you I’m cleaning all my house" another user responded.

A third said: "I'm 35 and I'm just realizing I can wash the actually pillow. just did this and the pillows feel so much better had a great sleep."

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