I'm a cleaning expert and here's why you SHOULDN'T make your bed everyday – it'll ruin your sleep

FOR a lot of people, starting the day by making the bed is part of a daily routine.

However, one cleaning expert has explained that it's actually a bad idea to make the bed first thing – because it increases the likelihood of dust mites getting in the sheets.

"You should never make your bed first thing in the morning," Cleanhome_cleanmind wrote on TikTok, over a video of someone making a bed.

In the caption, they further explained: "Letting your bed air out (for at least 1 hour) is a good solution to reduce the number of dust mites."

According to the experts And So To Bed, making your bed every morning could actually hinder your sleep as the duvet traps all the moisture.

Instead, the experts recommend pulling back your bed linen to properly air out your mattress and give it a chance to breathe – especially during the warm summer months.

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If you don't do this, your linens can potentially become smelly and start feeling moist – which could impact your quality of sleep.

Viewers were quick to take to the comments section to weigh in on the debate, with one writing: "My mother always used to say 'an unmade bed is a healthy bed'."

"Let it breathe, let it breathe," someone else commented.

"I open all the windows every morning and roll the duvet down to the bottom," a third person added.

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"I saw a program about bed bugs was nearly sick!! Never make my bed now."

"My bed never gets made until I’m about to go to bed…. ," someone else wrote. "Guess I’m doing something right."

"I got so much s**t off my Mum& Gran for not making my bed while staying with her I'd just open my window and she'd get SOOOO angry," another woman added.

Others joked the advice was a good way to excuse the fact they've never got around to making the bed in the morning.

"I guess I don't feel as bad anymore since I barely get time in the mornings as a busy mum," one mum laughed.

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