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WHEN it comes to cleaning your home everyone wants the easy way out. 

It turns out that might be better to decorate your home with materials that are easy to clean. 

Cleaning expert Vanessa Amora recently told her 5.4 million followers she had made changes in her house so that it was easier to clean. 

She said: “Things that, as a cleaning expert, my husband and I chose for our house because they were easier for cleaning materials and things like that.”

Instead of wood floors Vanessa opted for ceramic tiles. The cleaning expert says they still look like wood. 

“I love the look of wood floors but, wood floors? no, ma'am.”

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“So these are actually ceramic tile that looks like wood. I mean, what?”

The cleaning fans said she loves her ceramic tiles because they are easy to clean. 

She said: “I love them. You can clean them with almost anything. 

“You can steam mop them, you can use a regular mop. 

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The cleaning fan revealed she also removed carpet from her house. 

She said: “We also completely removed carpet from our house.”

Vanessa’s video quickly racked up over 990,000 views. 

Followers were desperate to know more about the cleaning fans' easy cleaning home solutions, so Vanessa followed up with another video. 

She said: “Having these custom shades was the best decision we ever made.”

“We no longer have blinds and we no longer have plantation shutters”

“We don't have to dust each and every single one of them.”

The blinds have a remote to open and close them meaning they can lay completely fat for easy cleaning. 

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“All you do is click and they automatically open and close.”

She confirmed: “For dusting and cleaning there going to be so easy to maintain and they look great.”

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