I'm a chef on a luxury yacht – here’s what I wish guests knew about my job & why you should never order cake on board

A CHEF on a luxury yacht has revealed what he wishes guests knew about his job.

Marcos Spaziani cooks on hit TV show Below Deck Sailing Yacht – and feeding the filthy rich in contained quarters certainly has its challenges.

Filming off the coast of Spanish island Menorca, Marcos told Insider the narrow galley kitchen, which tilts hugely when the boat picks up wind, makes his job a lot harder.

And many guests don't seem to know the difference between reasonable and almost impossible requests.

"When you're renting this type of boat, your expectations are huge," Marcos says.

"I don't even blame them for that. They just have money and they're used to eating whatever they want."

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Cooking at sea makes maintaining luxury difficult in some situations.

It's common for trips to resolve around special occasions – like birthdays and anniversaries – but Marcos begs: "Don't ask your chef to bake a cake on board".

Considered simple to some, a cake for a luxury stay needs to involve lettering, fondant and gorgeous designs.

And many chefs won't be trained pastry chefs, meaning they can't pull this off to the expected standards.

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Marcos says some guests are over-demanding and expect chefs to work round the clock without breaks.

Waking your chef in the middle of the night for food is a big no-no.

"I've had that before," he adds. "They wake you up at 3 a.m. and say 'hey, I want pizza from scratch.' No.

"I know they pay money for that, and we have to be ready at all times, but we're humans. We get tired, we go to the bathroom, we take naps."

Another pet peeve for the chef is clients ordering meals which aren't from the local region.

He says: "I've been in Europe and they've asked me for Peruvian food," explaining a request like this requires ingredients being flown in specially.

Although guests have to pay extra for the privilege, Marcos says that rarely deters them.

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In fact, clients will "pay thousands of dollars for one ingredient that costs almost nothing."

But that's the name of the game, with guests able to request "whatever they want" and Marcos having to figure it out.

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