I’m a busy mum, I created a fun game for my toddler to play at home – and it only costs £1 | The Sun

ALL parents know how hard it can be to entertain a toddler day in, day out. 

But now a busy mum has revealed the unique way she does it – as she shared the DIY ball game she created that keeps kids occupied for hours on end.

TikTok account @bubbleandbeep was set up by a mum of two unders 2’s – so she knows a thing (or two!) about life with toddlers.

One of her latest postings showed how to create a simple ball drop using supplies you will no doubt have around the home.

Before showing exactly how it was made, she captioned the post: “All you need is some paper cups, scissors, tape and a ball.

“Perfect when you have a few leftover party supplies. #diytoddleractivity #simpletoddleractivities #toddleractivityideas #balldrop #indooractivitiesforkids.”

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The video then cuts to show some cut out paper cups, which can be bought for as little as £1, with holes cut into them.

They are taped to a glass in a semi-circle pattern that goes from the top to the bottom of the glass.

She then shows how when a ball is put into the top cup, it gradually bounces from one cup to the next, until it comes out at the bottom ready to be played again.

@bubbleandbeep explained: “Here’s a really simple DIY ball drop for your toddlers.

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“If yours is anything like mine, they get bored of their toys so quickly.

“So it’s great to have some kind of options up your sleeve for rainy days.”

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@bubbleandbeep’s were quick to agree, as they described the DIY game as “such a cool idea.”

Others said it was “amazing” and thanked her for sharing the tip which would help see them through summer.

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