I'm a beauty fan – there's a £1 hack which will change how you apply suncream & it helps to reach the difficult spots | The Sun

WHEN applying sun cream on holiday, it can sometimes be tricky to reach those difficult spots when you’re by yourself.

However, beauty fans are claiming that there's a hack for it – and it costs less than a pound. 

Miriam Mroivili shared her trick to make creaming easier, by adding your cream into a spray bottle instead, which cost under £1 from Amazon.

She shows in the video how to use it as a spray.

Miriam, who goes by the name of @mimosaaaxo on TikTok, also shows how to get a darker tan too, however this hack comes with a warning sign.

After applying her SPF, she gets a cheap spray bottle and fills it up with normal moisturiser and water. 

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While tanning with the SPF, she sprays this on her skin and claims it helps improve tan. 

She also commented on her video: “We spray this on us throughout the day because we think it helps us tan. It’s just moisturiser and hydrates the skin.” 

However, people had mixed reactions. 

One wrote: “Please don’t do this. Your skin is so precious.” 

But Miriam replied: “I know. I make sure my skin is protected.” 

Another added: “This wouldn’t improve the tan in any way, just hydrates your skin like watered down moisturiser would.”

A third said: “Wooow I was literally saying my bestie today that none of the TikTok girls are talking about this hack and here you are lol. Love it.”

When it comes to tanning, it is important you take care of your skin.

According to Cancer Centre, people must “use sunscreen with a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher if you plan to be outside longer than 20 minutes.

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“The sunscreen should be water resistant and protect against UVA and UVB rays.

"Reapply regularly, especially after sweating or getting out of the water. Don't burn.”

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