I’m a beauty fan – my 15p secret hack to get press on nails to last weeks, you'll kick yourself for not trying it sooner | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan has revealed her secret trick to get her press on nails to last for weeks.

The nail fan said she makes her press-ons look and last long like real acrylics.

Renn Olympuss shared her hack in a TikTok video online. She said: “If you wear press on nails, this is gonna change your life.”

“Your nails are glued on, right? That's where we're starting. I have nail glue and clear acrylic powder.”

Renn says she uses acrylic powder and nail glue to make her press-ons look like real acrylic nails.

The beauty fan applies the nail glue as you would nail polish and then puts the acrylic powder on top.

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She said: “What you're gonna do is you're gonna put nail glue all along the top of the nail, and you're gonna dunk it in the acrylic powder just like this."

“You just paint it on like nail polish. Make sure you get every part of it, even the top, and then dunk it in.”

“I like to do two dunks just cause why not?”

Renn says this method means that her press-on nails can last for weeks.

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She said: “Now your nails are gonna be super hard and sturdy, and they're gonna stay on for at least two to three weeks.”


“I do this with the clear ones, and then I paint a nail polish over it so it looks more like acrylics because you're not.”

Nail glue and acrylic powder will only set you back about £15 but will last a really long time.

Plus they are a lot cheaper than going to a nail salon and getting acrylic nails often.

She concluded: “I’m telling you right now, like, just paint your nails, they will look like acrylics. Like you got them done.”

Renn’s video racked up over 981,000 views online; many viewers loved the idea but others were sharing their own tips in the comments.

One user said: “I do the opposite and it lasts so much longer, typically the glue goes on through the bottom then dunk your nail. Trust me they not budging at all.”

Another said: “Bless you! I knew it was a reason I held on to my acrylic powder. I'll be trying this tomorrow.”

“Thank you for this tip. got a wedding Thursday and really don't have time to get nails done and got press on. So going to do this,” said a third.

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