I’m a beauty fan and there’s no point spending money on skincare – I use dandruff shampoo on my face, it works miracles | The Sun

IF you are fed up with spending money on fancy skincare products and not seeing any results, you’ve come to the right place.

Elyse Myers, a beauty fan with a whopping 5.6million followers and 198.2million likes on TikTok, took to the video sharing platform to reveal her simple beauty tip that all women must know.

According to Elyse, there’s no point splashing the cash on expensive skincare products, as her £2.99 holy grail product gives you clear skin almost immediately. 

So you can throw away your cleanser, toner, retinol and anything else stuffed in your cupboard, as all you will need is some anti-dandruff shampoo.

Yes, you heard that correctly.

While many of us may have used Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti Dandruff Shampoo before, it turns out that it’s not just for your hair – it’s great for cleaning your face too. 

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Elyse claimed that a dermatologist had recommended the high-street cult product to her and she has never looked back.

The woman took to TikTok to reveal her skincare secret as she said: “Before you spend a lot of money on skincare products, just hold on.

“Just go buy Head and Shoulders and wash your face with it and see what happens. 

“I have been using the Walmart version of Head and Shoulders on my face since I was in middle school because I had a dermatologist tell me that the zinc in your shampoo is incredible for your face.

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“Never had a problem with my face, always had clear skin.

“It wasn’t until I stopped that I started getting all of these breakouts on my chin.

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“I started to use all the fancy stuff because people were sending it to me for free. I have never had worse skin in my entire life.

“Three days ago I threw everything away and started using my dandruff shampoo again – skin is already clear.

“Just try it.

“I specifically use the 2-in-1 and wash my face and entire body with it.

"Works so well!!” 

If you want to give this a go, you can pick up a bottle of Head & Shoulders Classic Clean Anti Dandruff Shampoo from Superdrug for just £2.99.

In just a week, Elyse’s video has clearly impressed many, as it has quickly racked up a whopping 9.7million views.

It has 1.4million likes, 13.2k comments and 82k shares.

TikTok users were shocked but thankful for the tip and expressed this in the comments. 

One person said: “You sitting on the bathroom floor really makes it seem like your sharing the BIGGEST secret and I’m here for it”. 

Another added: “I was about to be like Elyse … NO. But you convinced me, I’m in”. 

A third commented: “As a 31 year old that breaks out DAILY, I will do this”.

Someone else noted: “My son’s dermatologist told us that! Totally works”. 

Even an acne skincare page agreed: “Dandruff shampoo is great for fungal acne”. 

Chartered Chemist and founder of SOS Serum Skincare, Bruce Green, said: "The active in dandruff shampoos is Zinc Pyrithione – antimicrobial to fungi and bacteria. 

“Head & Shoulders contains approximately 1% in a mild surfactant base. 

“It is ok to use as a facial/skin wash to reduce skin surface microbes. The active is Zinc Pyrithione, not Zinc alone.

“Not all skin acne is the same, Zinc Pyrithione is effective against fungal acne not bacterial acne. 

“If you wish to use Head & Shoulders as a facial wash, use as follows: use on wet skin, massage a little and work into a lather. Leave for 5 minutes and wash/rinse off well. I normally recommend using a maximum of 3 times per week.

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“Always rinse well and moisturise after use – I recommend SOS H20 Day Cream SPF 30. 

“Always read the warnings on the container; if in doubt, ask your doctor."

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