I’m a beauty expert – 6 skincare tips to keep a youthful glow & why looking young isn’t the most realistic goal to have

THE co-founder and CEO of beauty brand S’eau Prima Karen Hayes has revealed her top tips for maintaining youthful skin. 

She said mindfully applying a few ingredients to your skin can go a long way – but noted that skincare isn’t just about looking younger.


“While there are a few ingredients that can give you immediate satisfaction, the best results come from consistency – just like exercise and eating well will benefit you over the long haul when you stick to a routine, not so much after just one workout or salad,” Hayes explained.

“The people I know with the best skin have a routine and stick with it.”

However, if you are looking for a game-changing ingredient, Hayes recommends trying hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Hypochlorous acid is produced naturally by the body and is used to fight harmful bacteria and infections that enter the body. 

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When used as a topical skin treatment, it is thought to speed up the healing of skin damage, reduce puffiness, redness, and inflammation in the skin, and help prevent acne. 

It’s such an impressive ingredient that it’s the foundation of S’eau Prima’s inaugural product: The Foundational Face Mist.

“When [S’eau Prima’s co-founder and creative director] Sybil [Steele] told me about HOCl I admit I was a little skeptical, but I saw benefits from it pretty quickly,” Hayes recalled.

“The most immediate, noticeable change was that it kept my usual monthly hormonal acne at bay. 

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“I’ve also suffered from eczema most of my life, and when I got a little flare-up, HOCl eradicated that.”


Hayes said cleansing is a foundational step in skincare routines because it’s so beneficial.

Therefore, she pleaded that people should not forget about it.

“It sounds elementary, but cleansing skin is not only important to remove makeup, but also to get rid of bacteria and all of the unseen environmental debris that you come into contact with throughout the day. 

“Cleansing also helps remove free radicals, which can seriously age skin by breaking down collagen,” she noted.

Hayes added that while it’s a “must” to maintain clean skin, people should be aware that is’ possible to over-cleanse.

To avoid that, she doesn’t cleanse every time she’s pampering her face.

“In the mornings, assuming I washed my face the night before, I prefer to use The Foundational Face Mist in place of a cleanser. 

“This will purify the skin from bacteria that grows overnight (yes this happens to everyone), and also balances skin so that it absorbs moisturizer and other active ingredients (like in a serum) and SPF better,” she divulged.


Skincare trends come and go, but moisturizer is forever, according to Hayes.

She said the only thing that may change is how much someone needs at different times of the year.

“Hydration levels fluctuate, and so the formula you need in January might be different than what your skin needs in July. 

“Skin changes with the weather, with age and with the environment,” she explained. 


In addition to moisturizer, Hayes said that SPF is always necessary. 

“I started wearing SPF in my 20s, and it’s paying dividends now that I’m in my 40s,” she claimed.

She added that “it’s never too late to start” regularly wearing it.

“The risk of sun damage only increases, and that has both health and beauty ramifications,” she noted.


In yet another skincare pro tip, Hayes said antioxidants can do wonders for your skin.

“I think everyone can benefit by adding antioxidants to their skincare routine, either in your moisturizer or in a serum,” she stated.

“Antioxidants do so many good things for you, but most importantly they combat free radical damage that comes from the sun, from screens and even from dust. 

“A consistent dose of antioxidants (eating them helps too!) will help skin maintain collagen and much more."

She added that her prized antioxidant-infused treatment is Vitamin C serum.


Starting a multi-step skincare routine can seem daunting for some, but Hayes noted that it’s not as time-consuming as people think.

She said understanding the purpose of each step "makes it less overwhelming” and that a healthy skincare routine can take only three minutes.

“Wash your face, spray a mist, apply a serum, moisturize, apply an eye cream and a lip balm, and finish with SPF,” she instructed.

Continuing on about the importance of skincare, she said: “Some people think of skincare as vanity, but it’s really an extension of health and caring for yourself. 

“Our skin is our largest organ and needs to be looked after!” 


While Hayes is full of tips to maintain the youthfulness of skin, she noted that she doesn’t believe “turning back the clock” on the skin is a realistic goal for people to have.

“Our bodies, including our skin, are a reflection of how we treat them over time,” she said.

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“A better goal, my goal, is to look like the most well-rested, hydrated version of ourselves. 

“Like how we look after a two-week vacation.”

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