I'm a baby name pro, there's several 'trendy' names that fail to hit the mark & one makes you sound so trashy | The Sun

A BABY name pro has spoken out on the rise of “trendy” baby names and given her honest critique of each.

And not all of them come out well in her review, as she says one makes you sound “trashy” and others have become far too common.

TikTok user @dreambabynames uploaded a video in which she ran through a detailed list of “trending baby names” that she was either a fan of or – more to the point – failed to impress her. 

She teased that her “controversial” opinions might offend some, as she warned parents to look away if their child had any of the monikers she was discussing. 

The social media user explained: “If this could potentially hurt your feelings if your child’s name is in it, please just scroll.

“It’s not worth it – my opinion doesn’t matter, don’t do it.” 

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@dreambabynames then went into her hot take – starting off with the name Beau.

She blasted: “Beau. I hate Beau. There I said it.

She continued to say that she’d “only ever lived in ‘white trash’ places” and the thought of her ‘white trash’ family saying Beau in their Tennessee or Boston accents wouldn’t be appealing.

She went on: “It just has no pretty sounds in it. It just sounds like your cousin who turned up to the family part and you’re like, ‘oh s***’.

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This led her on to her second name that failed to meet the mark – Everly. 

She continued: “Everyone’s baby’s name is Everly. It’s like the Emma of my generation.

“I just get to the point of, if you know everyone’s baby is named that, why would you want it?

“It’s not even like you have to be so different, but why would you want her to be the sixth Everly in her class? Too much!” 

The third name that didn’t make the cut was Bear. 

She said: “It’s just not for me. If that is your style, take it and sprint with it – it’s just not for me.” 

However, other names fared much better with @dreambabynames.

She gave a big thumbs up to Aurora, describing it as “pretty”.

She added that she loved it and said: “I get why everyone’s calling their baby Aurora.”

Similarly, Kai ticked all of her boxes as she revealed she was a “big fan” of the “great name.”

Noa for a little girl also got @dreambabynames seal of approval.

She concluded: “I love it. I think we need to really enjoy this one because I think this one might be my favourite.” 

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And lastly, the baby name pro said there was one that stood out for the crowd for all the right reasons. 

“I love Atlas, I would name my own child.”

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