I’m a 29-year-old country girl – I asked if anyone liked blonde farmers and men are proposing to me | The Sun

A COUNTRY girl asked the men of TikTok if they would date a blonde farmer – and she got a big reaction.

The 29-year-old country lover asked men if they would date a blonde woman who loves farming, and they started proposing to her.

TikTok user @Lokavoroka91 is a self-confessed country bachelorette, who claims men usually think her career choice is "weird" and avoid her.

She frequently posts enticing videos looking for a man to date.

In a recent TikTok, the 29-year-old admits to being a divorcee on the hunt for a new lover.

"I am divorced. I have no bad habits, I love fishing and [I] cook delicious [food]. Is anyone interested in this?" she asks.

Despite her obvious confidence, she admits some guys find her weird because she's a farmer.

She posted a different video explaining her dilemma and asking men if they cared.

The farming fanatic is seen sitting on a tractor with a backward baseball cap, a tight tank top, and colorful shorts.

"I'm a country girl farmer, but I don't have a boyfriend, and nobody likes me. Does anyone here like blondes?" she questions.

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Keen men took to the comments to assure her of their interest.

One bold man wrote: "Hello miss beautiful hope you notice me because I have something to propose to you God bless."

"My dream girl is a blonde woman," another intrigued male admitted.

"I take you bc I'm country and I want a country [wife]. I'm done with all the women trying to act like [you] are I want a real country wife," an eager viewer proclaimed.

A forward man joked: "So when's our wedding date again? I forgot."

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