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BECOMING a pilot is a dream for so many thanks to its globe-trotting opportunities, bucket list adventures and – of course – an amazing salary. 

But it costs an arm and a leg to learn to fly a plane, and not all of us have the money. 

That’s why, when 22-year-old pilot Sabrina Johnson took to TikTok to share how her dream became a reality, some jealous users hit back at her luxury lifestyle and claimed her rich parents must’ve paid the bills. 

The airline and helicopter pilot boasts over 30,000 followers and her videos are viewed by around 1.5million users – but they have very different views about her achievements.

In a recent clip, Sabrina jokes about her ‘terrible’ life as a pilot and the experiences she has to deal with. 

She captions it: “Such a hard life for 22.”

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The video begins with a selfie of Sabrina with pinned back hair wearing her pilot’s shirt and tie. Above her head, the text reads: “Reasons why being an airline pilot in your 20s is terrible.” 

Sabrina’s first ‘terrible’ activity is, she says: “Too many pretty overnights,” as viewers are treated to a rooftop view of one of the bustling streets of Nashville, Tennessee. 

Secondly: “The plane is too much fun,” she claims, as she shares a short clip of herself sitting in the cockpit of a stationary aircraft. 

Sabrina has something to say about the sky-high toilets, too. 

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“Views are too pretty,” the text reads, as we’re treated to a stunning view of some mountains on a perfectly-placed window behind an aeroplane toilet seat. 

And she can’t forget the amazing people she meets. 

“Too many travel benefits to see your friends,” she writes, sharing a video of herself in a mini skirt with her hair down, posing with pals abroad. 

“Yeah, I’m incredibly grateful for my job,” she explains alongside a heart emoji and a picture of a bag of money. 

Finally, she adds the perk almost all of us would do anything to get our hands on

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“Too much free first class,” it reads, showing Sabrina relaxing in a first class cabin while watching a film on a big screen and enjoying delicious sushi. 

TikTok users couldn’t believe what they were watching, with some congratulating Sabrina on her hard work to reach her position. 

While many applauded her efforts and told her to enjoy her adventures, others disagreed. 

One disgruntled user said: “Pilot at 21? Now I'm scared to fly. You should still play with dollies. Is it so easy to get the licence? You just pay and will give you the paper?”

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“Rich parent vibes,” said another. “No chance the average Joe can do that job. Tens of thousands to train as a teenager? Who’s affording that?”

But proud Sabrina hit back: “You don’t even know me, you can’t speak on who I am.”

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