I'm 5'2" and weigh 155lbs – science says I'm overweight but I have an answer to that and I'm very happy with my look | The Sun

A WOMAN has boycotted the body mass index after it labeled her as "overweight."

On TikTok, women have been increasingly discussing BMI, which has accumulated over 350million views overall.

#bmi shows a compilation of videos posted about BMI where women have rejected it as a measurement of health.

A number have noted that they gained weight by gaining muscle at the gym and are therefore considered to have unhealthy BMI.

Other said that everyone carries weight differently at various heights and weights and that makes this measurement of health inaccurate.

TikToker Ali (@alisonisaac11) pitched in with a video of her saying "screw" BMI.

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Ali filmed herself with the text saying that at five foot two inches she weighs 155 pounds.

She added: "BMI says I'm overweight" as she stood in a white love-heart tee and blue gym pants.

Ali then starts swinging her hips with her arms in the air saying: "And I'm very happy w[ith] my body.

"BMI says overweight = 25-29.9 I'm 28.3.

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"Screw BMI"

In the caption, she wrote: "BMI IS NOT ACCURATE!!! #bmi #bodypositivity."

One viewer replied: "It says I'm obese but I look thinner than others my height and weight idk why."

In other anti-bmi videos, have received comments like: "BMI says I'm 'healthy' at 96lbs yet pics of me from that weight look like I'm sick."

Another added: "My bmi was in a healthy range and people thought I was sick, and now that my bmi says I'm overweight everyone says I look healthy so…"

One said: "BMI doesn't even make sense at this point."

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention explains that BMI is a persons weight in kilograms divided by the square height in meters.

"A high BMI can indicate high body fatness. BMI screens for weight categories that may lead to health problems, but it does not diagnose the body fatness or health of an individual."

The CDC offers a BMI calculator for those interested in it's use as a screening tool.

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"To determine if BMI is a health risk, a healthcare provider performs further assessments.

"Such assessments include skinfold thickness measurements, evaluations of diet, physical activity, and family history," the CDC says.

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