I'm 51 & people tell me to dress my age all the time, even my own sisters judge me but I don’t care, I know I look good | The Sun

A 51-YEAR-OLD woman has shared how people continuously tell her to ‘dress her age’, and that her sisters even unfairly judge her.

However, she’s not letting anyone else’s opinion get her down and is continuing to wear exactly what she wants when she wants – from crop tops to bikinis. 

TikTok user Robin M, who can be found on the social media platform at @bougeeandbroke, regularly posts videos of her modelling her favourite styles.

These include everything from a floral bikini to tight-fitted revealing gym wear.

However, it seems not everyone’s a fan of her look and many have blasted some of her clothing decisions. 

But Robin isn’t holding back and has posted a direct response to her critics on her profile.  

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Robin, who describes herself as a ‘fashionista’ and is based in Louisiana in the US, uploaded a video in which she’s wearing khaki camo trousers and a black t-shirt crop top. 

Over the top of the footage of her, Robin recalled one of the most common comments she hears from her haters.

Mimicking the insult, she wrote: “Start dressing your age.”

And Robin went on to tell her 14.6k followers that it’s not just strangers or internet trolls who have something to say about her wardrobe items. 

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One of her followers commented to tell how they knew how she felt, as she typed: “Lol! My sisters judge me.” 

To which Robin replied saying she was in the exact same scenario, as she wrote back: “Mine too.” 

However, the fashion fan once again proved that she doesn’t care for other people’s views, and will continue to dress in the same way.

She wrote in the caption: “You do you!!!

“I’m doing me.”

Her followers were quick to applaud her for standing strong and sticking to what she wants to do. 

One typed: “Love it!!! Also… same!”

A second said: “I’m 62 and would totally wear that and rock it.” 

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While another person wrote: “They gonna wish they look like us when they join the 50 club.”

And, proving trolls have done nothing to dent her confidence, the social media user replied: “AIN’T that the truth!!?”

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