I'm 23 & live in a tiny house on wheels – I worked two jobs to pay for it & built it with my dad, now I’m mortgage free | The Sun

OWNING your own home at 23-years-old is a pipe dream for most people, let alone being being mortgage free.

But this savvy woman made it happen by building her own house with help from her dad.

Amanda's decided to build her home because of how much more affordable it was than renting, she told Tiny House Giant Journey: "This is not only a lot cheaper, it's something that I can call my own."

It took two years to finish building the home on wheels, which wasn't easy since Amanda was also working two jobs to afford the build.

She said: "It was me and my dad both on weekends, after work, before work, he taught me everything as we went along and now I can say that I can build a house if you wanted me to."

The DIY whizz shared that the entire project including furnishings ended up costing around £31,000.

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"I've worked throughout high school and throughout college, I was able to save up a lot of money because I lived with my family for most of that time," she explained.

Despite owning the home itself, Amanda does have to rent the parking space she keeps her abode on, which she pays £500 per month for including bills.

At only nine feet wife and 28 feet long, the trailer home is small but mighty.

There's two floors inside so she has plenty of storage space and even a separate bedroom area, although the ceiling is very low.

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Amanda makes use of every inch of space she has, even opting for a second hand sofa with added storage and a pull out coffee table.

Instead of a bulky TV, the DIY whizz added a projector and removable screen, which she hangs over her kitchen area when she wants to relax and watch a film.

Most impressively, Amanda's kitchen is bigger than some normal sized homes and has more space than any home cook could ask for.

For her bathroom she bought a display vanity at a reduced price in a farmhouse style which helped save some cash.

"I was a little worried about the corner shower being to small," she admitted, adding, "I was thinking about things like shaving my legs, I wanted to be able to bend over, but it is big enough."

The home has given Amanda much more financial freedom than she expected to have at her age, she explained that now she gets to spend the money she saves on her passions, like travelling.

She said: "If I was spending double to what I'm spending right now I wouldn't be able to do as much.

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"I know not everyone has the support system that I have, it wasn't as easy for everyone as it was for me, but I'd say If you're really committed to something and put your all into it, you can make it happen."

She continued: "I spent two years of my life working so much and building this house, for me that sacrifice to have financial freedom and live the life I'm living now was totally worth it."

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