I worked at Argos & customers made the most ridiculous complaints – one woman’s comment about a slow cooker blew my mind | The Sun

IF you've ever worked in customer services, chances are you've been left open-mouthed in shock at one point or another.

Sean McLachlan, who worked at Argos for seven years, took to TikTok to reveal that exact moment.

Discussing the most ridiculous things he's ever had to explain to someone in a customer service setting, he begins: "Across those even years I experienced a fair bit of stuff.

"I got called a "useless c*** because we didn't have any Hatchimals in stock.

"I had a guy threaten to bounce a Dyson hoover off the top of my head – all sorts.'

He continues: "But nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to being on the customer services department, a lady approaching me and saying: 'Alright bab, I've got a slow cooker I need to bring back – it just ain't working properly.'"


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Sean says he went on to ask what the fault was so that he could sort it out for her.

But to his surprise, she responded: "It just cooks food way too slowly."

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The former Argos employee adds: "What do you even say when you hear that level of stupid?

"It's not until you work in retail that you truly realise that people in general are morons."

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The video has since racked up over 311,000 views and been flooded with comments – with other customer service employees sharing their own experiences.

"I had a complaint that a man's lettuce in his Big Mac was raw………the future is scary," recalled one.

A second quipped: "Had a guy wanting to return a fridge freezer, because the light on the fridge kept going out when he shut the door."

A third noted: "I had to explain to a woman that her laptop hadn’t ‘stopped working’ on its own.

"The nail polish remover she poured on it had done that."

Meanwhile, a fourth added: "I had a complaint once that a bottle of vodka had given them a sore head.

"Had nearly drank the full bottle."

Elsewhere, another wrote: "Customer service definitely kills all faith in humanity."

And a further penned: "My fave in Argos was "you ruined my kids xmas" cos we were sold out of the latest toy on Xmas eve…"

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