I work with kids – one little girl had 'absolutely the worst' name ever, people say it's 'tragic' | The Sun

AN office manager that works with kids has come across many unique and interesting names.

One name, however, stood out to her as "absolutely the worst."

The anonymous Redditor u/MauserGirl shared the name she came across that gave her a second take.

"First time posting here and I have a doozy for you…" she said.

She explained that she's worked as an office manager for a business that provides Pre-K services for over eight years and as a result, has seen many strange and unique names.

"I have come across every variation of -den and -leigh you can imagine, but we sometimes get names that really, really stand out," she said.

"The absolutely worst one ever was a little girl who was referred for evaluations."

"Her name is Felony," she revealed.

"Yes, it's spelled like felony. It's pronounced like felony. These parents looked at their little babygirl and thought Felony would be a fantastic name.

She couldn't even find the words to get across how she felt about the name: "I can't even," she said.

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People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the name.

"How tragic – it should be a felony to name a child felony!" said one commenter.

"Surely they are familiar with the definition of the word?!? I hope she changes it at the first chance she gets, & I definitely hope she doesn't manifest her name!"

"I’m not a huge fan of dictionary words as names, but you’d think if you’re going to pick one, wouldn’t you at least pick the word with positive meaning?!?" said another.

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