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ANYONE who’s been to a Wetherspoons, and that’s most of us, will know all too well just how vast the menu is.

Choosing between a Deli Deal or a Pub Classic can be rather challenging but luckily one insider has revealed the very best things you can order.

Taking to TikTok on her account The Boujee Burger, former Wetherspoons manager Millie Trenholm, from Teesside, revealed her favourite things to eat on her shift.

The ex-employee also unveiled the common mistakes that people make when ordering.

Ranked at the bottom of her favourites list was scampi with chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce specifically.

Speaking in the video, she added: “If you get garden peas you are disgusting and if you don’t get tartare sauce then what are you doing with your life?”

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Millie did add a disclaimer that her scampi was often overcooked which made her ‘not a happy bunny.’

Next on her list was the alfredo pasta, but Millie insisted that customers get themselves a cheesy garlic bread on the side.

“Put your pasta in it, wrap it up, alfredo and cheesy garlic bread wrap,” she recommends.

A ham and cheese panini was her next recommended item with Millie describing them as ‘peng but only if they’re toasted to perfection.’

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And Millie says that you should order something very specific with your panini if you do go for it.

“Next up not with chips, not on its own, not with a side salad but with a tomato and basil soup on the side,” she says.

“Dip it in and it’s like a ketchup but better.”

She then recommended the BBQ buttermilk burger, instructing viewers to get a side of coleslaw that they can then add to the burger.

“The only downside is when the chips on the side sometimes taste a bit onion ringy and if you’ve ever had them you know exactly what I’m talking about,” Millie adds.

Millie’s top recommendation is in fact the chicken wings, but again she has some strict stipulations.

“The blue cheese sauce on the side is a no, and so is the naga chilli one because I’m not a spicy girl,” she says.

“I have a thing about blue cheese, it makes me actually gag.

“However, swap those sauces out for a garlic or something and you’ve got an unbelievable dish of food.”

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