I work at Starbucks & yes we judge you and your order – you don’t want to know what we think if you get a Frappuccino | The Sun

IT'S one of their most popular menu items, especially when it's warm outside.

But one woman who works at Starbucks has insisted she hates nothing more than when people order a Frappuccino – particularly if it's when the store is at its busiest.

"I just got off a shift so this is me roasting you based on what you order at Starbucks," Alex Cardente said in a video on her TikTok page.

"This is self explanatory but if you order a Frappuccino, especially during rush hour, we are not friends," she said.

"I will smile at you and say ‘Have a good day’ but what I really want you to do is choke on this disgusting creamy mess.

"I wish you truly the worst."

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Alex acknowledged that people ordering Frappuccinos are often children, but said that if their parents order the iced drink for their kids – it's even worse.

"If your parents order this for you then I’m judging your parents, because I would never let my kids put this garbage in their system," she added.

People in the comments section were quick to comment on Alex's video, with one writing: "I'm sorry but I love frappes I don't know any other coffee!"

"I didn't realise ordering a frappe was that serious," another added.

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"I'm sorry but i cannot drink coffee unless its super sweet and the frappuccinos are just enough sweet," a third wrote.

Alex went on to weigh in on those who order a pink drink – also known as the Pink Coconut Starbucks Refresha Drink.

"If you order a pink drink you’re probably 12," she continued.

"I’m not gonna judge you. It’s nice to make, it’s fairly simple.

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"But the kicker is, this is a fine drink, it’s nice and refreshing, easy to make, but if you put vanilla sweet cream cold foam on it, I will smile and make it for you but inside I want to murder you.

"I know you’re 12, I know you’re probably going to come into the store with a $20 bill that you got from your parents, pay for the drink, not give me a single tip and then sit in the dining area blasting TikToks at full volume and doing obnoxious dances with your friends.

"You are a menace to society and I wish your parents never had you."

Lastly, Alex took on the nitro cold brew.

"This is a good order and you’re probably just a person who really likes to get s**t done," she said.

"And you probably don’t have IBS because holy s**t this passes right through you."

"This is why I stopped going out for coffee," someone commented on the video.

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