I wore nothing but body paint and left bum prints everywhere, was wolf-whistled by a cabbie and lads gasped at my nakedness

WHAT to wear on a night out is an dilemma most women face on a weekly basis.

But on Channel 4's Naked Beach, people have been ditching the threads altogether and heading out wearing nothing but colourful body paint.

The eye-popping idea was aimed at boosting people’s self-esteem, because what better way to learn to love yourself than baring all?

Body paint outfits are set to be next festival trend after partygoers were spotted wearing glitter tops at Coachella earlier this month.

But would YOU hit the town wearing nothing but a thong and a doodled on top?

Alexa D'Souz, a 30-year-old model and account manager from London, decided to swap her give it a go…

When I first saw the ‘outfit’ we were creating, I loved it because it’s exactly the sort of look I wear on a night out.

But, the big difference is, with the body paint look I'm now only wearing a tiny thong and some plasters over my nipples.

When you think of it like that, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about stepping out in public.

I don’t want people to judge me or stare at me or think I’m some kind of prostitute because I'm wearing nothing.

I know it looks like clothes but, technically, I’m almost naked.

Nerves aside, I guess I’ve always been quite body confident. You have to be as a model.

I’m a petite size eight but don’t have a six-pack or lean muscles and that’s because I hardly ever go to the gym.

But it’d never stop me sunbathing topless or spending days in nothing but a bikini – I’m half Australian so I’m very comfortable in nothing but a swimsuit.

I know it looks like clothes but, technically, I’m almost naked

That said, I’ve never gone out sober in London, when it’s 10 degree outside, howling a gale and I’m wearing only my knickers.

I know goose bumps aren’t part of the look but there’s nothing I can do about it.

The worst thing is I really want to drink a bucket of tea to warm up but I daren’t because then I’d need to pee and sitting on the loo, let alone getting my knickers off would be pretty tricky right now.

For a normal night out, I’d say it’d normally take me about an hour and a half to get ready but this look has taken four hours to do and TWO people have done it.

I’ve just stood here as artists Michelle and Jacqueline have spray painted, drawn and dusted in everything from eye shadow to glitter.

I guess because there’s no support for my boobs. Every time I move they jiggle about

Once the trousers were finished, with the detail of the pocket and the stitching, it really made me feel like I had clothes on, but the top half has taken me a while to feel like that.

I guess because there’s no support for my boobs. Every time I move they jiggle about a bit which I think it a big giveaway.

But I’m keen to see if I can fool the Average Joe, so head outside to grab a cab to a Exhibit Bar in Balham – famed for it's naked speed dating nights and with a dress code that reads 'No nipples or nunnies'.

It is FREEZING but thank god there’s not a queue.

The cabbie gives me a double take, a cheeky wolf-whistle and says, "You look nice, love. Where you off too?"

Phew. He’s giving me a ride despite my ‘indecent exposure’ so I bundle in, whack up the heat but then get ultra-paranoid the warm air will make me sweat and that my outfit will drip off!

The faux leather seats aren’t ideal either. When we pull up, I stand to get out and I’ve left a very distinct bum print on the cushion but I pay the fair, hope he doesn’t notice and isn’t going to charge me £200 for ‘soiling’.

“Have fun, love,” he says with a smile and I can’t help but feel he’s staring at my butt as I step out.

Walking into the bar, I hold my head high and tell myself I AM wearing clothes and pull open the door.

If anything I feel a little ‘overdressed’ as most of the other putters are in jeans and trainers but it doesn’t take long for the double takes, stares and whispers to start.

“Oh my God, I just realised you aren’t wearing any clothes!” a guy stood next to me at the bar exclaims.

It’s other women’s opinions I’m more nervous about and I can see two girls across the bar whispering

“It’s taken me ages to figure it out,” he adds. “You look amazing. WOW!”

Confidence is officially boosted.

Weirdly, it’s other women’s opinions I’m more nervous about and I can see two girls across the bar staring and whispering.

“What do you think?” I ask them. “We think you’re very brave,” Daisy, 28, from Balham says.

“It took us a while to figure out what you had on because the trousers look so real, but then we noticed it was paint and sorry we couldn’t help but stare,” her friend Genevieve adds. “Your body and the outfit looks incredible!”

Another girl comes up to me on her way to the loo.

“From afar I thought you were wearing a leotard but then I realised it was actually paint – it looks so good,” Robyn, 27, says.

She then invites me for drink with her mates outside. Thankfully we’re under a heater.

“I can’t say I’d wear it on a standard night out but if I was going to a festival or a rave or something then yeah, I’d wear this for sure,” her mate Eloise, 24, adds.

“It looks so realistic – they look like an actual pair of leggings.”

The response I get from older women isn’t so flattering.

“It looks fake,” Jan, 45, from Kent says. “If you want to boost your body confidence, just go out being you. Why do women have to get naked to feel confident?  It’s degrading and you look cheap.”

Right, I need a drink. But once again, I need to be careful as any spillages could result in disaster.

I’m getting more side-eyes from lads at the bar. “I was about to say, ‘Nice top’, but I’ve just realised you’ve got nothing on,” Rowan, 30, from London exclaims. “You tricked me!”

As a whole, everyone’s reactions have been kind and flattering and I’m surprised with how confident I feel when I leave the bar – it’s certainly given my ego a boost.

But would I go out in this again?

Maybe in the summer if I had two assistants on hand and if it didn’t take so long to get 'undressed’.

This look certainly isn’t white bed sheet friendly!

*Alexa's body paint was done by Michelle Court from Court On Camera. 

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