I went to the beach with my boyfriend, he left me for the bartender who served me free ‘sex on the beach’ cocktails

A WOMAN has shared the shocking way her boyfriend cheated on her with a bartender whilst the two were out grabbing drinks at the beach.

Allison Cabrera a model based in New York shared the horrifying story on her TikTok account, where it has gone viral with over one million views.

We've all heard horrifying stories of people cheating on their partners and getting caught in the worst ways, but Allison's story left users completely shocked.

Allison captioned the video saying; "I wish I was joking."

She revealed that she and one of her ex-boyfriends had gone to the beach for a date, a spot they frequented together regularly.

Whilst there, they became friendly with one of the bartenders who would often serve them.

Allison recalls that on one evening her ex-boyfriend had gone to the bar and ended up getting up to no good with the said bartender.

Not only did he get with their favourite bartender, but he also brought in a 'random person' and had a threesome with them both.

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Users were shocked by Allison's story, many thought she had been part of the threesome and that it was a cute 'joke' between her and the bartender but that wasn't the case.

One user said: "I thought you were one of the three at first." To which Allison replied; "Nope."

The bartender who clearly felt a bit bad about sleeping with someone she knew had a girlfriend attempted to apologise to Allison in the most confusing way.

When Allison went back to the bar the bartender gave her plenty of free 'sex on the beach' cocktails to soften the blow.

Many users said to Allison she had a lucky escape from him.

One user wrote: "Life took out the trash for you and now you get free drinks. Sounds like a win in the end."

Another user added: "The audacity these men have."

A third person commented: "I’d trade most of my exes for a free cocktail."

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