I Wear Fishnets Year-Round — and Halloween Is the Best Time to Stock Up

Historically, I haven’t been the biggest fan of wearing pants. When cold weather rolls around, I rely on tights to transition my dresses and skirts to seasonally appropriate outfits fit for Northeast winters. But in the sweet spot of fall (and all the other times of the year when the weather doesn’t completely make me want to cry), there’s one unexpected staple I’ve come to depend on: fishnet tights. They become part of my cartoon-like signature look as soon as the temperatures drop.

This means I’ve learned a few things as a seasoned fishnets wearer. More specifically, I’ve discovered that the weeks leading up to Halloween are the best time of the year to stock up, as they’re often marked down and bundled together in packs. Since fishnets, like mostly all nylons, are prone to ripping and don’t have a long life, stocking up on multiple pairs at a time is never a bad idea. 

It happens like clockwork each year: As spooky seasons approaches, fishnets begin to climb the Amazon best-sellers chart as shoppers prep their costumes. But rest assured, fishnets are much more versatile than you may think — it all comes down to what you wear them with. 

Among the literally hundreds of options out there to pick from, my favorite fishnets are ones with a medium-sized pattern since they look more like an intentional, DIY-inspired sartorial choice and less like a costume accessory. Plus, they’re also less likely to snag and actually help to keep you somewhat warm, if you’re in it for practicality’s sake. 

It’s been more than half a decade since my fishnets affinity began, based on a deep dive through my Instagram archive. But I don’t need to remind myself that October is always my favorite time to stock up — the internet does that for me. 

Below, shop some of my favorite fishnets while they’re climbing the charts and diving to their lowest prices. 

high waist tights fishnet stockings

Akiido High Waist Fishnet Tights 5-Pack

Shop now: $13; amazon.com

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Akiido High Waist Rhinestone Fishnet Tights

Shop now: $9; amazon.com

high waist thigh high stockings medium gride

Akiido High Waist Medium Grid Fishnet Tights

Shop now: $7; amazon.com

charmnight women's high waist tights fishnet stockings

Charmnight High WaistFishnet Tights 3-Pack

Shop now: $7 (Originally $10); amazon.com

leg avenue women's hosiery fishnet tights

Leg Avenue Striped Fishnet Tights

Shop now: $12; amazon.com

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Leg Avenue Industrial Fishnet Tights

Shop now: $10; amazon.com

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