I was serving a male customer when he did the strangest thing to my belly – I was 7 months pregnant | The Sun

A PREGNANT waitress was served an unpleasant surprise at work — and it wasn't food.

TikToker Ashley admitted to having a male customer oddly greet her when she was waitressing while seven months pregnant.

The former restaurant worker (@ashlleeyy_27) has a lot of stories from her time in the business, but this one, in particular, was a problem.

She posted a video to describe the situation she was in at work.

The post was titled: "Things that happened to me as a pregnant server."

Ashley laid back on her couch as she got ready to reveal the strange encounter with her male customer.

She had purple hair and big glasses.

"Why would this man lift up his shirt, touch his bare stomach to mine, and ask whose belly was bigger?" she asked.

Though Ashley was two months away from giving birth, she recalled the customer's stomach being bigger.

The annoyed server said: "All my coworkers saw. It was so embarrassing."

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She wrote: "I was a server for years at SEVERAL restaurants. I could make a series of these, to be honest."

Viewers were appalled by the customer's actions.

One woman couldn't keep her thoughts to herself.

"Oh hellll nawwww," she exclaimed.

Ashley responded: "Girllll it was so weird. I laughed & walked away. I wasn’t even their server."

The grossed-out retired service industry worker is now 24 years old.

And her baby is a two-year-old boy.

Her TikTok content focuses on her life as a single mother.

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