I was scolded by two Karens for my bikini at a public pool – sorry your husband keeps looking at me | The Sun

A YOGA enthusiast has shared how two Karens complained about the bikini she wore at a pool while on vacation.

She said it wasn't her fault that their husbands kept looking at her body.

Yogi Lamar (@lamardoesyoga) enjoys showcasing her athletic ability online.

In a TikTok video, she veered from her regular content to take her audience to the pool as she went swimming.

The subtitle above her head read: "Two Karens at the pool complaining about my swimsuit."

She filmed herself from the chest up as she stood in the water.

Her blue halter bikini top was visible as she looked around and scratched her head in confusion.

She showed her annoyance by mouthing along to the background audio that said: "Oh my God, just shut the f**k up."

"Sorry your husband keeps looking at me," she wrote in the video caption.

Many viewers quickly disputed her claims and said the incident didn't happen.

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"Something tells me this didn't happen," one commented.

Lamar replied: "Didn’t know everything I post has to be true???"

Eventually, she admitted in the comments that the scenario wasn't true.

"Yes, this didn’t happen. It’s a joke. It’s the internet. I am also a joke. Thank you," she wrote.

She received negative comments as a result.

"Sad you want people to be jealous of you so bad," a TikTok user chimed in.

"POV no one's at the pool with you," another added.

Another person voiced online: "Trying really hard to be the main character huh."

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