I was dress-coded for wearing a head wrap to work – so I clapped back in the best way, people agree it was 'justified' | The Sun

A STORY has resurfaced online of a woman being dress coded at work for wearing a head wrap and the way she handled it.

Back in 2016, she clapped back at her place of work in a way that many people say was justified.

In 2016, June Rivas went viral on Facebook after sharing that old by her boss that wearing her hair in a ponytail or wearing a head scarf was 'unprofessional.

Recently, the story was once again unearthed in a TikTok video from content creator Braxton Wood (@workforreal) who discusses work stories and successes on his platform.

The young office worker's cultural head wrap was deemed not suitable for the office, yet her contract stated there was no company dress code other than to be "clean and presentable."

"When the boss realized this, they issued a new memo that updated the dress code," Wood said in the video.

The employee challenged her boss on the fake dress code and took control of the situation that was indirectly aimed at her.

As someone who enjoys cosplay, she decided to dress up in some stylish costume pieces that still abided by the dress code but in a comedic way.

"There wasn't anything in the memo about wearing a hairnet and a fake mustache with an apron," Wood stated.

Rivas showed up to her job wearing a myriad of costumes, that ranged from Storm from X-Men to a Vulcan from Star Trek.

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Her take on the dress coding could be seen as malicious compliance, or simply getting the last laugh.

The TikTok user asked his audience at the end of the video if she was petty or made a good point.

Most people seemed to side with Rivas over her decision to subtly combat the dress code violation.

"200% petty, 100% justified. I am here for all of this," one viewer commented.

"Malicious compliance is my absolute favorite," another added.

"She was petty and justified," a fan chimed in.

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