I wanted a cute French pedicure – it’s so bad people are asking if the beautician was blind-folded | The Sun

THERE’S NOTHING worse than going to a nail salon to get your nails done and walking out leaving disappointed.

One woman has taken to TikTok to reveal what happened when she went to get a French pedicure and the result was definitely not what she was expecting. 

TikTok user ‘fausti.ag’ had asked a nail technician for a glamorous French pedicure – something very pretty and elegant.

But the woman was left horrified when she looked at her finished toenails and saw that they were far from what she had asked for. 

The pedicure was not pretty and dainty like she had hoped and the French tips were not even at all.

Instead her toes were really messy, almost as if a child had done them. 

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The pedicure is so bad, TikTok users even questioned if the nail technician was blind-folded. 

The social media fan uploaded a video to TikTok showing off a picture of the pedicure that she had asked for, followed by an image of the toes she ended up with, showing a very clear difference between the two. 

They are nowhere near as glossy as the image she showed and they also aren’t on acrylic nails like she had hoped. 

The beauty fan’s video has clearly got numerous people in hysterics and it has racked up 534.5k views. 

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It has 55.5k likes, 3,068 comments and 2,597 shares.

TikTok users were left shocked at the woman’s nails, with many even questioning if the beautician was blind-folded. 

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One person said: “You sure the nail tech wasn’t blind folded?” 

Another added: “They didn’t even try”. 

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A third commented: “This is the hardest I’ve laughed this year. But sis I’m so sorry for this”. 

Someone else claimed: “I wouldn’t sleep. I’d be crying the whole night”.

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