I want to change my three-month-old’s name because I have such regret about it…I didn't think it through properly | The Sun

A MUM has told how she wants to change her three-month-old daughter's name because she didn't think it through properly.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet and explained how for the last two months she's been having "extreme name regret" due to an "unfortunate oversight" with her baby's name which she now can't unhear or see when it's written down.

In the post, she penned: "I won’t say the full name of our LO but our last name is Price. The baby name we selected is along the lines of Willow, Arlow, Harlow."

When the first name and last name are said together all we can hear is Low Price!"

She went on to explain how she and her partner put so much thought into agreeing a name during pregnancy and now feel "terrible" for not thinking how it'd flow with the last name.

"Am considering a name change because we just can’t get connected to the name now, but the process of informing everyone seems so overwhelming," she continued. "Just want what’s best of our baby."


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Honest opinions, am I potentially over thinking it too much or should we go ahead with a name change that we will love? I’m losing so much sleep and stressing over it."

The post was inundated with responses from social forum users – with very mixed responses.

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"Yikes, to be honest, I can hear it too," admitted one. "It wouldn't be nice for a teenage girl."

You could swap around her first and middle names, or pick a new one."

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A second agreed: "Yup quickly change it. Make the low name a middle name."

And a third noted: "You can change a first name up to a year old. Just do it, at only 3 months old I would definitely change it if it is really bothering you."

Elsewhere, others didn't really see an issue, with one writing: "I think you are overthinking this and people are only spotting it when it is pointed out to them."

Another commented: "My partner and I have decided to change our baby's name (and he's older than yours). I know what you mean about informing people, but it'll be OK. Having to live with the regret is a bigger issue. Just do it."

A further added: "Aw no I don't think you should change it. I think it's a shame you've got so hung up on it."

If you really can't live with it the totally change it for your peace of mind but I think it's nice."

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And one more penned: "I think it's an unfortunate oversight, however how often do you use first name surname out loud?"

Unless I'm being called at the Dr's surgery I don't think I ever do?"

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