I tried to make a colourful unicorn cake for my tot's birthday but it was such a fail I won't bother again | The Sun

A MUM has shared her utter baking fail after she attempted to make her daughter a cute birthday cake.

After posting the finished cake on Facebook users couldn't believe how badly it all went wrong.

Dani, from the United States, wanted to try and make a colourful 'drip cake' after seeing on she liked online.

The mum shared some snaps of her finished birthday project and people weren't sure how it went so wrong.

The inspiration for Dani's cake looked pretty delicious and would be a dream birthday cake for any toddler.

With smooth white icing and plenty of sprinkles and sweets, not to forget the all important drip design, the cake looked like a real show stopper.


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But Dani's version didn't look quite so professional, leaving people in hysterics.

"This is my inspiration vs what I made myself," she captioned the Facebook post showing the stunning professional cake and the one she made.

She explained: "I wanted to make a drip cake for my toddler’s birthday this weekend, and I decided to do a practice run."

The wannabe baker tried her best to replicate the cake but it end up being a total flop.

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The small cake was smothered in lumpy icing and a gloopy layer of purple icing was dumped onto for the anticipated drip design.

But instead of small streams of icing falling down the cake Dani was left with a purple mess.

Luckily, the mum left plenty of time to order a cake so her tot wouldn't be left with the tiny one she made.

"I'm so glad I did, because I found out I am not good at this! It looks like I’ll be placing a cake order ASAP," she wrote.

Other parents chimed in to offer the mum advice for if she ever tries to make a birthday cake again.

One commented: "Don’t compare your 1st to someone’s 100th! I started doing cakes a few years ago for my kids and it’s definitely something that takes time and practice. This really isn’t a bad start."

A second agreed: "As a person with decorating experience… drip is difficult!

"And you have to also remember, beautiful doesn't mean it tastes good, and messy doesn't mean it tastes bad! I think it's adorable for a first try, definitely got a chuckle from me."

"I miss my mum's disastrous cakes. They were never much to look at but you could always taste the love that went into it," another user said.

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