I tried to cut my own fringe and now it’s WAY too short – haters say I look like a chicken | The Sun

WE'VE ALL been there, debating cutting our own hair imulsivley.

But if you've ever needed a sign to put the scissors down and call an actual hairdresser, this is it.

Tara Rule shared that she made that mistake herself recently and was left with an incredibly short fringe.

Posting on her TikTok account @pogsyy, she revealed her new look.

Although she usually rocks the micro-bangs trend, the hair hopeful confessed that she might've taken it too far this time.

She explained: "I got a new pair of scissors and I've been using the same old doll pair of scissors for a couple of years."

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"These ones were much sharper," she explained before moving her hand from her head to reveal the incredibly short fringe.

The tiny fringe was a couple of inches long, "it's a little shorter than we're used to," Tara joked.

However, unlike a normal fringe which you can clip back if it's cut wonky, Tara's fringe was so short that she couldn't even do that.

"Maybe we'll get used to them," she said before bursting out laughing at her blunder.

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Viewers of the clip could relate the the DIY haircut, one said: "It's a look. A questionable one, but a look nonetheless."

A second joked: "Make the best out of a bad situation and get a mullet."

Another quipped: "Micro bangs? More like microscopic bangs!"

Someone else joked the the tiny fringe made Tara look like a chicken.

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