I spent over £40,000 on three BBLs but they were botched now I have to edit my pics because I look TOO sexy | The Sun

A MODEL who shelled out over £40,000 on cosmetic surgery has revealed that she now edits her pictures to look “less sexy” because her botched Brazilian Butt Lifts have left her behind far too big and provocative.

Juju Ferrari has had three BBLs but was the victim of a dodgy doc who injected industrial grade silicone into her behind and has ruined her body.

The 33-year-old now says that due to a culture where 'the bigger your bum the sexier you are' she has to photoshop pics of her body because she doesn't want the unsolicited attention.

Her bum has also become so large and unnaturally shaped it has needed threads sewn into her muscles to support its weight.

Juju surgical nightmare first began when she watched her bum distort and her skin rip open and sag after her first BBL around a decade ago. 

She then opted for non-surgical BBLs, which involved injecting filler into your bum to increase its size. 

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She said: “I always believed that a woman's power of seduction was in her butt.

“I always thought that having a small one, I wasn't sexy enough.”

The Brazilian influencer’s strive for sexiness saw her go under the knife for her bum three times.

She had three rounds of injections, adding 200 millilitres of silicone first and then 200 millilitres of hydrogel the following two times. 

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However, she wasn’t aware industrial grade silicone was being used the first time and feels “deceived” by the rogue surgeon.

Mixing these two products can spark a deadly infection which Juju was lucky to avoid – but it left her with a lumpy and sagging bum.

Her last BBL was three years ago and she has since grown to hate the appearance of her behind.

She said: “I have a problem with the appearance of my butt. 

“I have some nodules, like, that were on my butt, and a purplish appearance. 

“I also get some pain from time to time.”

Juju’s first BBL was in São Paulo, Brazil around a decade ago but she didn’t know what material the doctor was injecting her with.

Her second time under the knife in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was with a doctor using hydrogel – causing it to mix with the already-injected silicone. 

The influencer is currently undergoing treatment that allows her body to support the weight of her bum. 

She explained: “I use threads for support. 

“The doctor who accompanies me applies these threads that pull the muscle and support the weight of the butt.”

The so-called “gold threads” are inserted into her bum as part of a procedure that lifts sagging skin.

Juju is also working to have the filler removed from her bum to give it a more natural appearance and help her stop photoshopping her pictures to look “less sexy”. 

The most common type of BBL is surgical, which involves grafting fat from other areas of the body – such as the stomach – and relocating it to the bum.

However, this poses more risk than non-surgical BBLs with a one in 3,000 mortality rate.

Juju has a 4.7 million strong Instagram following that she educates on the dangers of BBLs.

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She added: “I am happy that the subject of removing the product on my butt serves as a warning to people who, like me, have this problem.”

The model has also spent £40,000 on other cosmetic procedures like botox, dermal fillers and breast implants.

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