I spent £3.2k on my son's first birthday – people always say it's a waste of money but I don't care | The Sun

GONE are the days of celebrating your child's birthday at McDonald's or down the local farm.

Nowadays, it seems the more extravagant the better – and that appeared to be the case for one mum, who threw her son Noah a very extra first birthday party.

Melissa Galindo, who is from the US, took to TikTok and revealed just how much the youngster's shindig came to – much to the shock of social media users.

In the clip, Melissa begins: "This may be controversial especially since we had an elaborate party was for a one-year-old but my husband and I spent £3,200 ($3500)."

Melissa shared a second video where she quips: "If I got a dollar every time someone said I spent too much on my son's birthday."

In a further clip, she gives social media users a glimpse of what the money went towards – including balloon arches, a lemonade stand, d ball pit, snacks and a 'puppy adoption centre.'


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The kids are also seen having fun splashing around in the swimming pall.

The post quickly racked up a whopping 277,000 views online – but not everyone was in agreement over the pricey party.

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"That could’ve went to his college fund," argued one.

A second commented: "Yeah you're tripping."

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A third wrote: "£3,200 ($3500) would get me completely out of debt, but I’m glad you have the means to do that for your little one."

Elsewhere, others defended Melissa's choice of spending, with one writing: "Why do other people care about spending your OWN money on a party for YOUR child???"

A second noted: "But so worth it he won’t remember but you will, plus he only turns 1 once."

A third penned: "For those of you saying she did too much…she didn’t ask for y’all to pay did she? lmao…"

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Another enthused: "You did an amazing job! It looks beautiful."

And one more added: "We are spending about £6,800 ($7500). Party is this weekend and we have ZERO regrets because it’s our baby! And once in a lifetime! We wanna party!!!"

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