I scoffed 'Britain's biggest burger' on my 36th birthday with one patty for every year | The Sun

A DAD reckons he has been served Britain’s biggest burger — a foot-high bun filled with 36 patties.

Craig Harker wanted one each to mark his 36th birthday — though he suffered a meat defeat and failed to finish it.

He said: “When they handed the burger over, it was almost like them handing the baton over at the Olympics in the relay. I had to be careful when taking the food, especially as it was so heavy.”

Birthday boy Craig went to his local Burger King and ordered a Whopper Meal with large fries and a large Diet Coke, costing £7.99. He then asked for an extra 35 beef patties, at £1.30 each, which he wanted shoved inside the bun.

The pub owner, from Hardwick, County Durham, said: “You can add on as many patties as you want.”

Craig, who filmed the challenge on Saturday for his food blog, added: “I knew not to get cheese on every layer because the burgers would then slide all over the place.”

Just before he is handed his £53.49 meal, a server at the Stockton-on-Tees branch shouts “Diet Coke” to which Craig quips: “I’m watching the calories.”

He gets stuck in but the 6,000- calorie challenge proved beyond him. Craig said: “I stopped at 12 because my stomach was starting to look like the burger.

“I thought if I forced any more down I was going to throw up.” The dad of three gave his leftovers to family, friends and his dog “so there was no waste”.

Last October Craig tried — and failed — to pig out on a 2,500 calorie bacon butty from Greggs packed with 51 rashers.

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He said at the time: “It absolutely destroyed me. I didn’t get half way down so failed miserably.”

Burger King said: "We always encourage customers to have it their way — whatever and however that may be.”

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