I rescued a dog in lockdown and gave him an unusual name…strangers have a go at me in the park and say it's offensive

CHOOSING a dog's name is a big decision – after all, you're going to be shouting it over the park for years to come.

But one anonymous owner, who recused her dog in lockdown, has been slammed for giving her pet pooch a rather unique moniker, according to The Mirror.

Rather than choosing a name to match the dog's appearance or personality, she instead called him Covid, after the virus which claimed the lives of more than six million people across the globe.

Taking to Reddit, she wrote: "We found a stray puppy during the start of our lockdown. It started by feeding him scraps in the back garden where we were spending so much of our time.

"Now he's moved in and is probably going to stay unless someone comes forward to claim him. We put a notice up in some village shops about him.

"We called him Covid because that's why we found him – spending all our time at home."


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However, the woman has since learned that not everyone is on board with her chosen dog name – and recalled one occasion where she was confronted by a couple while she was out on a walk.

"We have now started taking him out for walks – which he loves," she penned. "But yesterday a couple heard us calling his name while playing by the beach.

They came over and told us that it's insensitive as they lost an uncle to the virus. They said how would we feel if they called their pet cancer or death?"

The woman went on to ask social forum users whether they think Covid is an "offensive" name, or whether the couple "overreacted."

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"I mean, use practically any other example and it looks really bad really fast," wrote one.

"Would you name a dog AIDS and go running around in public yelling 'Here AIDS! Come here boy, that's a good AIDS!'

"I mean if nothing else, running around on the beach shouting 'COVID! COVID!' could be construed as yelling fire in a crowded theatre – just not smart any way you slice it."

A second commented: “I mean it’s a stupid name for a dog, but it’s a dog. Maybe if it were a child, then it would be pretty bad."

A third questioned: “Would you name a dog Ebola, AIDS or cancer?”

Elsewhere, another pet owner revealed how she named her cat after the virus.

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“We named our kitten Corona but call him RowRow," she wrote.

“I do feel like a bit bad but since he was born in March we figure he’s a little brightness in all this darkness.”

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