I quit my boring marketing job to go into business with my man – now we own a multi-million business & we're living life | The Sun

A MUM has revealed how she quit her job in marketing to go into business with her husband – and now rakes in the cash. 

She revealed exactly how she did it on TikTok, along with her husband and the pair go by the name of Majesty Elize on the social media platform. 

The pair, who are container home developers, currently have over 12k followers as they regularly update their feed with videos about their job.

And in one video, the mum said: “I quit my job, I was working at a firm in marketing

“And I went full time into business with my husband, that was four and half years ago, closer to five years ago.” 

Her Husband then starts talking, saying: “I caught her at a good time, when they were not necessarily appreciating her presence as much as they could have for a promotion.


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“So anyway I told her hey, come and run an international business with me and she finally agreed. 

“For the most part, we got into real estate. Honestly we got into it initially for business.” 

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He goes on to say how they began to learn about real estate and how it affects people. 

The dad continues: “Specifically in the black community.

“We decided to commit to making a difference within the community using real estate as a tool.

“It’s something that really helped us double up our lives, and our finances and everything like that.”

The dad then goes on to explain how they now teach hundreds of people.

He adds: “We started teaching hundreds of people how to do it virtually and in person, seminars and webinars, and even created a digital platform that had information to show people how to do it.


“We’ve just been working since then.

“Now we are building communities and working with governments to do so.”

Many people rushed to the comments section to share their joy for the couple. 

One wrote: “Power couple.” 

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Another added: “Couple goals. Many more blessings.”

A third said: “I would love to have a mentor.”

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