I popped a spot on my forehead but didn’t realise it was my Botox… now I’ve totally botched my face AND wasted a bomb | The Sun

A WOMAN who got Botox in her forehead has revealed she made a grave mistake after popping what she thought was a pimple. 

The TikTok user, known as @undecided_and_unguided on the social media platform, shared a clip covering the area as she recounted the incident to her followers. 

“I have made the most expensive mistake ever,” she first explained. “…because I popped a pimple that was not a pimple after my Botox appointment.” 

The brunette beauty appeared downcast as she continued: “And I think the Botox leaked out of my face and now look…” 

She then moved her manicured hands away from her face and scrunched up her forehead to reveal two lines on the right side. 

Pressing a finger to the area, she went on: “It was that, right there… It’s the most expensive mistake I’ve ever made!”

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“I am BOTCHED.” she added in the caption. 

The clip left people in hysterics over her dilemma as one person shared: “This is literally the reason why I will not pick up my face for like a week and a half after my apt lmaoooo”. 

“It’s funny that ppl think that Botox can go out,” another wrote. 

A third, meanwhile, said: “Ok but I’m liking the asymmetry?? It’s like a piercing,” to which the creator replied: “Omg stop,” with a laughing emoji. 

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While many were left in fits of laughter over the situation, others shared an easy solution – explaining that she can simply return to the Botox salon and get it retouched for free. 

“This is common after Botox called “spocking” your injector will fix it for free,” [sic] one helpful person explained. 

Another chimed: “You just need a little more a lateral I bet they do that for free it’s not a big deal it happens”. [sic]

While a third warned: “Don’t tell them you pop it and go back for a retouch, they doing it for free.” [sic]

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