I plan to DUMP my boyfriend because his leg will be amputated after freak accident – but my decision is dividing opinion | The Sun

A WOMAN has divided opinion after admitting she wants to dump her boyfriend because he is about to get his leg amputated.

The woman left radio listeners stunned after sharing her moral dilemma about ending her six-month relationship.

Calling into the Kyle and Jackie O show on KIIS, Stacy, 26, explained her boyfriend broke his leg in a horrific workplace accident when it got crushed under some metal steelwork.

And apparently, his injury is so severe that medics decided to amputate the whole leg, the Mail Online reports.

The news has devastated her boyfriend who has since fallen into a "depressive state".

Stacy, said she wasn't "emotionally invested" enough in the relationship to go through caring for someone she knows for such a short time.


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She said: "I'm fine with being with someone with a prosthetic leg, if I had met him and he had had it already that's fine. I'm not superficial like that. 

"It's the fact that I've only known him six months and the amount of physical therapy he's going to have to go through and it's also that he's not taking it well.

"I'm having to sacrifice so much for this person I've literally only known for six months."

She continued by saying she was "fully invested" in the relationship before the accident and the couple "were in love".

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She said: "If we were together for years or he was my husband that's different but I'm in this pickle. 

"He has friends and family that can help but I just don't think I can lock myself into this. This is something I didn't sign up for."

Kyle was on her side saying she wasput in a "carer position" but Jackie was not as sympathetic.

She said: "I personally couldn't do it, I don't think I coulddo that to someone.

"I put myself in his shoes and I think you either rip the Band-aid off or you honestly give it a go and you tell him later."

Stacy responded: "I honestly don't know what to do I feel like I'm being so selfish – I didn't want to come out for my summer and now spend my summer with him in rehab."

Her dilemma has divided opinion with some listeners agreeing she has not signed up for the challeneging process of amputation while others branded her "cruel" and "selfish".

One said: "Hmm he deserves someone that will love him unconditionally and Stacey is clearly not it. No point in wasting either of their time."

Another one said: "Stacey is just cruel and not worthy of having as a girlfriend! Work accidents happen!

"She should be grateful and happy that her boyfriend is alive and she should be doing everything possible to help and support him!"

Someone commented: "Wow well obviously feelings aren’t strong enough to care and stay."

However others were more understanding with someone saying: "She should leave she didn't sign up for that everyone is different and can handle different levels of responsibilities.

"Go live your best life girl and he will find someone that will love him for him and have the patience to care for him and be by his side.

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Someone added: "Why stay, and be unhappy? What about her life too? She now has to be his carer? Go. Let him be.

"I bet if it were the reverse he would' 'run'."

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