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WHEN people spent thousands on veneers they usually get the brightest, straightest set of teeth available.

It often leads to them being the subject of cruel trolls who liken their new gnashers to 'piano keys' but Juny decided to go in the complete opposite direction.

Juny Quartz went viral on social media for showing off the yellow, crooked teeth she PAID for, and the reason why left people stunned.

Juny had a sports injury when she was young which turned one of her teeth yellow – so she decided to get a full set of veneers.

The brunette beauty spent thousands on her new smile but she decided to make it as natural-looking as possible.

She wrote: "I posted a TikTok about how I asked my dentist to make my veneers uneven and yellow on purpose and went viral with it."


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In the clip, Juny then showed off her brand new smile complete with yellowing teeth.

The back teeth were more yellow than the front to create a natural effect and even her two front teeth were different sizes.

In another clip, she showed off her bottom set of teeth which were purposely made to look wonky and crooked.

The young woman revealed she had her teeth done in Bangkok where they charged her £1,500 for four teeth.

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Juny, who lives in sunny Australia soon went viral on her TikTok account @juny.quartz with the videos raking up over 7million views and 700k likes.

People couldn't fathom why Juny would spend so much money on her teeth just to make them look natural.

"I have questions about this. How come you had to get this? What happened to your original teeth? Is it purely visual?" asked a user.

One person wrote: "It’s like cheating on a test and intentionally getting a few wrong so it looks believable."

Another commented: "That’s not gonna stop it from falling out in 5 years."

"Nah if I were to pay that much for teeth best know they gon be perfect," penned a third.

But plenty of others loved the look of her teeth and claimed it was much better than the Hollywood smile most people get.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "Perfect! Looks way better than the typical veneers look."

"These are the nicest I’ve ever seen. They suit you so well,” claimed a fifth.

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Someone else added: "I looooove them. So natural and beautiful."

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