I paid £30 for my eyelash extensions – they looked good for a week but then got so painful I had to take drastic action

ON average, getting eyelash extensions is a relatively expensive hobby to have – for a full set, you're looking at roughly £45.

But one woman was desperate to pay less and stumbled upon a salon that charged only £30 – however, it didn't quite go as planned.

Amalia, from Florida, shared the rollercoaster of a journey on her TikTok channel, @sm.amalia01.

At first, she claimed, they looked good for a week – the fresh set of eyelash extensions was fluttery and caused no problems.


But a few days later and the extensions started to fall off one by one, leaving the 20-year-old with an uneven look with sparse lashes.

To make matters worse, Amalia also started to experience some pain around the eyelid where the beauty technician had put the new eyelashes.

The discomfort and irritation became so unbearable that she decided to take a drastic decision.

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''Had to cut them off because they were hurting so bad,'' she shared a close-up snap with her eye.

One concerned viewer commented: ''They did them wrong!

''The same thing happened to me, too much glue.''

''I thought it was normal!'' someone shared, adding she was left completely with no lashes.

For those who, unfortunately, have found themselves in a similar situation, Amalia recommend applying some olive oil on the lashes. Castor oil also works wonders.

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