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JUMPING out the shower, Gemma  Hall headed to the bedroom to dress for work

Knickers, a pencil skirt and a simple blouse were laid out on the bed.

But unlike hundreds of thousands of women heading into the office, Gemma, 27, from Manchester, won’t put on a bra. 

“I decided to free my boobs over a year ago and haven't looked back,” she said. 

“I only have two bras in my dresser drawer now, and they are for special events or a night out when the dress or outfit requires shapewear.

“My collection of bras and bralette tops in various sizes have been binned.”


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According to Gemma her decision to ban the bra from daily use has made her feel sexier, more empowered and more confident than ever before.

“My boobs are now 32Ds,” she said. “They’re in great shape without a bra holding them.

“Why should I have to force them into constricting ‘boob holders’ simply because it’s the ‘done thing?”

Gemma said she wasn’t a diehard feminist. 

“I am not burning my bra,” she said. “I like my bras and they don't annoy me. I just realised being bra-free was easier.”

Gemma is not alone in her decision to go bra-free, even in the office.

A YouGov survey done in January 2021 revealed 34 per cent of women said lockdown was an opportunity to ditch the bra with 21 percent saying since then they now wear a bra “much less” frequently.

Younger women are even more likely to embrace going braless. Forty three per cent of those interviewed say they are wearing bras less often now.

Gemma’s decision to stop wearing her bra to work occurred when she was holidaying with her mum in January 2022.

“We went to Jamaica for a two week ‘Sunfest,”’ she said. “I forgot to pack my bras and ended up just wearing a bikini top or going completely braless.

“I was halfway through my holiday when I realised I’d gone a week without putting a bra on. It felt amazing.

“I was getting lots of looks in my chest direction and I realised I simply didn't care.

“I liked the way I felt and that was sexy, relaxed and confident.

“I didn't feel constricted and when I got back home, I decided to continue my ‘free boob’ fashion style and I simply binned my bras.”

Culling her bra collection down to just two pieces of shapewear was a revelation for the singleton whose breasts actually grew bigger in lockdown.

“It sounds bonkers but they got bigger during covid,” she said. “I went from a dress size 8 to a dress size 12. That weight gain made my girls’ bigger. I went from a C cup to a D or double DD.”

For Gemma that meant spending £300 in two years on different size bras and styles of bras to accommodate her fluctuating boob size.

“I was in and out to New Look or Marks & Spencer’s or buying bras online hoping they’d fit. 

“Like most women with bigger boobs I used to get bra chafing and redness. 

“Bras made me sweat a great deal and because my breasts were fluctuating in size I’d also end up with red strap marks and sore shoulders. It’s something so many women suffer from.”

“When I was binning my bras after my holiday, I realised I had five different sizes and multiple styles. Working out which fitted me and was my favourite was a way of simplifying my undergarment drawer.”

Gemma admits she was initially nervous about not wearing a bra to work.

“Bras had  been part of my ‘office uniform’ since I was 18. I thought everyone would look and point. I deliberately chose blousy shirts and loose tops and with a blazer or jacket over the top no one noticed.

“I stay away from tight fitting vest tops or t-shirts at work but at home and on the weekends, I wear them.

“My mum was initially horrified. She’s ‘old school bra wearer and was shocked I wasn't wearing bras on a daily basis when we got back.

Gemma admits she gets looks from people on public transport especially older women who shake their heads in disbelief if she is bra free and wearing a crop top.

“I’ve been trolled with people saying to ‘put away the boobs’ or calling me ‘shocking’ for being braless.”

“I don't care. I have the confidence to go bra free and I am not bothered by trolling. I reckon people are just jealous of my boobs.”

However, going bra free isn't without its problems.

Gemma says there have been times when being braless has ended in a fashion faux pas.

 “I was wearing a crop top at a festival and forgot that when I was jumping up and down to music with my arms up and not wearing a bra I accidentally flashed people,” she said.

“I was also wearing a loose flowing blouse last summer. It was very floating and a gust of wind caught me by surprise in the park and some elderly picnickers got an eye full.

“I apologised. The old blokes were smiling but their wives were tutting.”

According to Gemma, under 30s are more likely to embrace going bra-free.

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“Oddly I don't get asked out more going bra free,” she said. “In fact when I do wear a push up bra on a night out with the girls I get more attention from the fellas. I guess the balconette bra I wear puts them ‘out there’. 

“That surprised me. But I am in a bra free for me. No matter what the blokes and the trolls say.”

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