I named my daughter after my favourite TV character, she’s a total badass so it was a no brainer

CHOOSING a name for your baby is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

So it stands to reason that parents find inspiration in all aspects of their life – from their favourite books, much-loved relatives and even TV shows.

And that's exactly where mum Kaitlyn Hendricks-Walker got her daughter's name from.

In a post on the Gentle Parenting Facebook group responding to a question about how everyone chose their children's names, Kaitlyn wrote: "Kendra, after The vampire slayer in buffy.

"Always wanted to name my kid after her. Thought she was the most bad ass chick I ever saw."

She also chose an unusual middle name, adding: "Alonna, is her middle name.

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"Kinda stuck and flowed really well with kendra, and it was kinda like Aleena like my best friend."

Others inspired by TV shows included Morgan Goodwin, who wrote: "We dated long distance and would watch How I Met Your Mother'together'.

"Talking about it one day we both said that we loved the name Marshall and decided if we ever had a baby that would be his name.

"He was born 6 years later and has his dads middle name."

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And Becky Ann named her daughter after Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, explaining: "My husband and I kept going back and forth and could not agree on a name.

"I was watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman and jokingly said 'what about Quinn?'

"And he was like 'I actually love that' and I stopped to consider it and realised I did too.

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"It fits her so well it’s like it was always supposed to be her name."

"Loved watching one tree hill, thought Lucas was a cute name," another person added.

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