I made the HUGE mistake of trying out the viral butterfly cut at home – I was gobsmacked at how awful it turned out | The Sun

A BEAUTY fan was left moritified after her attempt at the on-trend butterfly cut went horribly wrong.

It's the haircut that's taken over our social media feeds – the viral butterfly cut that's supposed to be a relatively easy way to give your curls some layers.

But whilst for many the at-home cut, popularised by celebrity hair whizz Brad Mondo, has been a huge success, not everyone's had the best results.

And sadly, Jeimy Morones (@jeimymorones) belongs in the latter category.

The woman, believed to be from the US, shared the hair-rific fail on TikTok – and it's quite the rollercoaster.

After dividing her hair into two ponytails, Jeimy grabbed scissors and chopped a huge chunk off both from the front section and the back.

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Unfortunately, it was at this point when she realised she had messed up.

''I made a huge mistake,'' she said in the video whilst demonstrating the locks she had just cut off.

''Look how I cut it…. […] Now we just have to hope for the best.

''We have to hope for the best because look how short [it is].''

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At first, once she had managed to bring herself to look at the mirror, things didn't appear to be that bad – in fact, Jeimy was quite pleased with the results.

''Oh, it's not that bad! Still long.''

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But upon inspecting the new hairdo properly, she quickly realised the major mistake she had just made – the layers were so choppy and uneven, Jeimy couldn't believe her eyes.

The situation didn't look much better from the back, with the woman exclaiming in horror: ''Oh!

''It's gonna take so long to grow back,'' the mortified beauty fan wrote in the caption.

Since being uploaded on the popular video-sharing platform just three days ago, the clip has gone viral, amassing almost 420k views.

Safe to say, it's not just Jeimy who was horrified – viewers were just as petrified.

One TikTok user cried out: ''babe you just went through all 5 stages of grief in one video.''

''I can feel the regret,'' a second added.

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A third was convinced Jeimy hadn't used the proper tools, wondering: ''You used meat scissors didn’t you.''

''Just dye it all black for more even look,'' read a recommendation.

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