I made my teenager sign a lease and pay rent to live at home but not everyone agreed with me | The Sun

MANY people move out of the family home when they turn 18 – but increasing amounts are remaining home due to high living costs and the pricey housing market.

One mum revealed her response when her teenager said they wanted to stay at home was to make her sign a lease and pay rent.

The TikTok mum uploaded a video with the caption: “Teaching moment…Setting up for success.

“When your 18-year-old decides to stay at home.”

She revealed she makes her daughter pay $100 [£84] a month to stay at home and explained this pays for “utilities, room, food and everything else”.

The video has racked up a million views and certainly divided opinion.

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One woman said she was left “traumatised” by being put in the same situation when she was younger.

She wrote: “Yikes my parents did this to me and it only created trauma for me. 

“Thankfully I made eight figures and don’t have to struggle any longer.”

Another slammed the idea saying: “My parents did this and we no longer talk! So good luck I guess.”

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And a third wrote: “Unless you’re saving that money to give them when they do move out, no way.

“I’d like to see an 18-year-old have a job [that] pays enough to live in this economy.”

Meanwhile, one agreed: “Yikes – already hard enough being a kid and not at all like it used to be. Girl, get out of there!”

The mum replied to any criticism insisting that she was setting her daughter up for success and preparing her for the real world.

She explained: “I was a single mum at 16 and my parents didn’t set me up for success. I had to fight for every single thing I have.”

The daughter weighed in saying she would have had to pay rent “sooner or later” and to not judge her mum.

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