I made my own version of a Greggs bake in the Air Fryer – they’re so close to the real thing and so simple | The Sun

CALLING all Air Fryer fans – you can now make your own version of the popular Greggs savoury bakes from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Social media user Air Fry Jen has come up with a quick and easy method of making their popular product, and she says it tastes very close to the real thing. 

Jen, who can be found on TikTok at @airfry_jen, shared the simple recipe with her followers.

Alongside the step-by-step guide, she wrote: “My version of a Greggs sausage & Bean melt..without the sausage. 

She added: “Cheese and Bean Pasty cooked in the air fryer.” 

Then she showed how it was done, starting with the ingredients foodies will need – some puff pastry, a tin of beans (with or without sausages) and some grated cheese of your choice.

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First up, Jen rolled out the pastry and cut it into four equal pieces.

Then, she took one piece and put a spoonful of beans directly into the middle to create the start of the filling. 

She also revealed a simple trick is to pat the beans down with a spoon so that they spread out.

Next, Jen added a generous layer of cheese – she’d chosen red leicester – over the top. 

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Once the filling is inside, simply put the other equal piece of pastry on top, creating a sandwich. 

Then, gently press each of the pieces of puff pastry together and take a fork to seal them up at the sides.

The final step before popping it into the Air Fryer is to put an egg wash onto each pastry pocket. 

Lastly, put the bake into the kitchen gadget at 170 degrees on bake mode for 15 minutes, turning half way through. 

Once the bakes are ready, they should be golden brown on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle.

And Jen said they tasted just as good as they looked, as she revealed: “I don’t think you can ever get as good as the originals but it’s a close contender, I think.”

The foodie, who regularly shares quick recipes, also said she would be trying it out with a tin of beans and sausages in the future. 

As would the rest of her followers.

One wrote: “Oh my! I’m so trying this.”

A second said: “Definitely going to try, looks yummy. Might add Marmite – thank you.”

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While a third revealed they had followed her recipe – and it had been a roaring success.

They wrote: “Made this today – delicious! Thanks for all the recipes, can’t wait to try it all.”

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