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LIVING in a historic castle is often a perk reserved for royalty – but not always.

Megan Clawson, 23, has called the Tower of London home for three years.

The author, a Beefeater’s daughter from Lincolnshire, moved there as a student in 2021 to save money during lockdown – and for company after finding it difficult living in university accommodation.

She describes living in the 945-year-old fortress as “an experience that money can’t buy” because dwellings are reserved for Beefeaters, The King’s Guard and their families, who pay rent and council tax.

Megan lives among a community of around 100 within the castle grounds – and admits its grisly past can sometimes be felt within its historic walls.

Tour company London Walks claims 11 ghouls stalk the corridors including Anne Boleyn – beheaded there in 1536 – Guy Fawkes, and even the spirit of a bear. 


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Megan tells The Sun: “I’ve never seen any floaty people without heads or anything like that but I think most of us heard or felt things.

“One time I had one of my dog’s toys on my desk, which kept squeaking throughout the night.

"A neighbour felt something jump and curl up on the bottom of the bed – we think it must be a ghost dog or a ghost cat.

"There’s definitely an odd feeling around the Tower, and at times it’s really creepy – you’re not sure if something's going to jump out at you.”

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Megan admits she regularly dismisses weird noises so that she can sleep.

She adds: “Whenever there’s a shrill scream, shouting or talking I tell myself that it’s just people messing around under the bridge.

“I reassure myself that it’s not anything scary and then run off to hide under the covers.”

'I don't live in a dungeon'

Megan's dad's home, located in the outer wall, has three bedrooms but there’s an array of housing set-ups, which she admits surprises visitors.

“Somebody asked me the other day if it was on Airbnb, which I found so funny that I couldn’t bring myself to write a response, and I often get asked about how much it is to rent," she tells The Sun.

“You could turn up with millions or billions of pounds and couldn’t buy a house in the Tower of London, that’s what makes it so special."

She adds that their home is "very normal", not "dark and dingy" like a dungeon.

There’s definitely an odd feeling around the Tower, and at times it’s really creepy – you’re not sure if something's going to jump out at you

"It has magnolia walls and classic military accommodation decoration," she says.

“It’s not a crazy medieval sort of thing, which people are disappointed by when they come over.

"We have carpets, electricity and normal things. 

“Some expect it to be extravagant and others think it must be really cold and awful. I have to remind them I don’t live in a dungeon.”

Nosy visitors

While some are jealous of Megan’s surroundings, living there comes with its challenges – namely the estimated three million tourists who visit every year.

Curious visitors snap photos of the author and her home on a regular basis without her permission.

Megan says: “People can see directly into my bedroom, so I’ve got used to hiding from tourists and trying to avoid them spotting me in my pyjamas.

“They also find it funny seeing jeans hanging out to dry on a washing line in a medieval castle so they take pictures of them too.

“A lot of people shout and try to get my attention when they see my balcony door and I can hear them talking because the area is a sound trap.

“Some people have suggested that I dress up as a medieval ghost to scare everyone but I’ve not done it yet.”

When it comes to warning off unwanted intruders – supernatural or otherwise – Megan is lucky to have her Beefeater dad, and her King's Guard boyfriend George.

People can see directly into my bedroom, so I’ve got used to hiding from tourists and trying to avoid them spotting me in my pyjamas

The couple met on Tinder in 2018 and when he's not living away at a military camp, he stays with Megan in the Tower.

Megan – who jokes their romance is like a "rom-com" – says getting approval for her boyfriend from her Beefeater dad and his colleagues was no mean feat.

“Not only do you have a big scary dad to scare off your boyfriend but 35 big scary Beefeaters,” she says.

“He took it in his stride though, so I guess I’m worth it. Everyone who works with him is supportive of everything and very nice.”

This weekend Megan will be beaming with pride as she hopes to spot George and her dad at the King's Coronation and during the parade.

She says: "Like every other street in the country, we'll be having our own street party and looking out for our loved ones.

"The Beefeater's role is the monarch's ceremonial bodyguard, so it will be very exciting seeing them fulfilling the duties they have had since the 15th century."

Life of a 'princess'

Megan launched a TikTok account to share her life living in the Tower of London, which has 318,000 followers and 6.3million likes.

She believes its success is due to her being “someone from a humble, working-class background” living in an extraordinary place.

“I’m nothing special but here I am living in a castle, I’m living my day-to-day, relatable life in the most unrelatable setting," she explains.

“People think of princesses and the Royal Family living in castles but not normal people like me.”

Megan recently published her book Falling Hard For the Royal Guard, inspired by her unique living quarters.

She explains: “It’s a royally British rom-com about Maggie, who lives in the Tower of London and is a Beefeater’s daughter.

“She goes through the trials and tribulations of being a 20-something in London, going through love, loss, loneliness and of course, Tinder.

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“It’s not until running into a very mysterious King’s Guard solider that life takes a royal twist, with her discovering herself in the city and falls in love.”

Falling Hard For The Royal Guard by Megan Clawson (£8.99, Avon, Harper Collins) is out now. You can follow Megan's TikTok here.

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