I let my Instagram followers choose my tattoo – six years later I really regret the wording, it made my mother cry | The Sun

IF YOU'VE ever thought about letting your social media followers pick out your permanent ink, one tattooed TikToker might advise you against it.

The content creator expressed regret at the decision to allow her Instagram fans to choose the tattoo – even six years later, she is just as sickened by the decision.

"I really want to encourage everyone to really think through your tattoos before you get them," Abby Monea (@abbymonea) warned as a tale of tattooed caution.

"Think what is this going to look like in ten years, or would I really want this when I'm 45 – or 24," she explained.

"Because I have a lip tattoo, and they told me it would last like six months, it's been six years," revealed the blonde-haired, blue-eyed TikToker who used her long, red nails to point to her lip.

Wearing a blank tank top with gold hoop earrings, she told of how her life-altering lip tattoo came to be:

"I made a silly little Instagram poll and said what tattoo should I get, and the people chose," she remarked.

She continued expanding on her skin-altering saga: "Anyone want to know what they chose? On the inside of my lip?"

The regretful TikToker showed off the reveal as she read what was clear for all to see: "Jesus – on my lip."

She paused in reflection for a bit with her fingernail over her lips, after showing off the big, black letters of the ill-fated ink that were indeed located on the bottom inside of her lip.

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Speaking to followers from her car-turned-confessional, she got honest about the come to Jesus moment – literally.

The word choice also had her family members in their own state of woe.

"Needless to say, my very religious mother cried when she saw that. Cause like, that's like low-key blasphemous. That's my bad," said the teary-eyed TikToker.

She also made exaggerated facial expressions in regard to her mother's objection to the unwise choice of wording.

The worst part of the ordeal? "And it won't go away, Jesus," followed by an expletive, she exclaimed, holding her gold-ringed hand over her mouth.

"I'll see you all in hell," was all she had left to say.

She might be doomed to the underwood, but her over 155,000 followers were still fans of the TikToker.

"This makes you 10x funnier," remarked one viewer.

"That’s hilarious, actually iconic," agreed another follower.

Yet, others shared their all-to-relatable tattoo tales.

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"Mine says daddy and it’s been five years," said one such regretful follower.

"No, hahaha," Abby laughed – and this time, not at herself.

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