I let my dog choose my baby girl's name because I couldn’t decide – some people may think I'm crazy but it worked for us | The Sun

CHOOSING your baby's name is one of the biggest decisions any parent will have to make.

So, imagine leaving that decision down to your pet dog.

That's what one brave woman decided to do when she was stuck between three girls' names – Emma, Olivia and Rachel.

Taking to TikTok, she posted a video and explained: "We couldn't decide between three names for our daughter…so we let our dog choose.

"Forever our first baby."

In the clip, which has since racked up over 270,000 views, she can then be seen writing her three top girls' names onto three separate tennis balls, before placing them into a hat.


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She then holds out the hat to allow her four-legged friend Bentley to pick one of the tennis balls out.

Moments later, the beloved pooch is seen running towards her with a tennis ball in his mouth.

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Grabbing hold of it, the owner reveals he's picked the name 'Rachel.'

She captioned the post: "Highly recommend letting your dog pick your baby’s name."

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But while many may think it's a rather risky way to choose a baby's name, others were left sobbing over the beautiful moment, which was all captured on camera.

"Why does he look so proud though?" asked one.

The owner replied: "Because he made a great choice."

A second quipped: "As a fellow Rachel, I can confirm your dog made the right choice!"

A third commented: "Not me crying over a tennis ball."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "Crying because not only have I been a fan from the beginning but then he chose the best name for baby girl."

Another joked: "I would be like OK yeah hubby I’ll 'put all 3 names' but only put the one I wanted 3 times lol."

And one more added: "This makes my heart melt. I know how much your first baby means to you."

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