I helped my sister save $800 on her wedding using coupons – I NEVER pay full price for anything, here’s how I did it

A MUM has revealed how she saved $800 (£583) on her sister’s wedding by using coupons.

Erin, 33, from New York, never pays full price for anything and was determined to help her younger sister Jamie, 30, save on her big day.

Speaking on TLC’s Extreme Couponing, she says: “I wouldn’t consider myself a shopaholic. I think a couponaholic describes me best.

“I coupon for my own personal stockpile, I have spent about $2,500 (£1,822) and I’ve got around $17,000 (£1,2390) worth of items.”

Having already bagged herself a bridesmaids dress for just $19 (£14), Erin is now on the hunt for ways to reduce the cost of Jamie’s catering bill.

Jamie, who has a budget of $15,000 (£1,0932), explains: “We didn’t realise that when you buy things for a wedding usually it’s marked up because it’s for a wedding.”

Luckily for Jamie, many of the items she needs can be found in Erin’s huge stockpile in her basement, including Italian salad dressing and peanut butter.

Erin sets about collecting coupons for the remaining ingredients, planning a total of 16 transactions to get the best possible saving from the coupons.

“I just want to repay her for everything she’s ever done for me,” Erin says.

And it looks like she was able to with Erin making an enormous saving thanks to her couponing addiction.

“I got almost $900 worth of groceries and spent under $100,” she says, with her haul including 18 bags of salad, 36 bottles of mustard and 82 boxes of pasta

Erin adds: “It took a lot to prepare and once we got the menu down, it was totally worth it I would do it again.”

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