I haven’t worn bras or underwear for years – I am so much more comfortable but people make nasty comments | The Sun

A WOMAN hasn't worn a bra or underwear in years for a very good reason but people still make rude comments.

She doesn't care, however — she says she's much more comfortable in her body.

Cassidy (@hippietravelhub), 24, shared that bras and underwear were just never the right fit for her.

As a result, she's long since ditched the uncomfy garments and has found herself much happier.

"It's been 3 years since I stopped shaving, 5 years since I ditched bras, and 11 years since I ditched underwear," she said.

"Seriously I am so much more comfortable just letting my body be," she said, adding hashtags #burnthebra and #nomoreunderwear.

Despite her explanation, people still sent pretty brutal comments.

"Weird flex but ok," said one commenter.

"I literally lost my smile reading the third one," said another.

"Why are you proud of that…" said a third.

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Cassidy was quick to defend herself under fire and felt that she didn't need to explain herself any further.

"All questions have been answered on my page," she said.

"Google the benefits of not wearing underwear, it’s actually commonly recommended for women by doctors.

"It’s much more common than you think, just unspoken – specifically bc of the nasty things y’all have to say with no knowledge on the subject."

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