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DATING back to centuries ago, there was a time where we didn’t wear any clothing or underwear. 

Infact, the first known underwear dates back to almost 7,000 years ago and modern humans first started wearing clothes around 70,000. 

But now it has become the norm, with us feeling naked if we’re not covered up. 

And many women in particular now can’t go a day without wearing a bra or a pair of knickers. 

Many prefer the support that certain pieces of underwear will give them. 

However, there are other women who have decided to ditch their bras and now use their breasts as an “accessory” with their clothing. 

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Maddie, who goes by the name of maddiedragsbaek on TikTok, has revealed to her 41.5k followers how amazing she feels after not wearing a bra for the last three years. 

She captioned the video: “Nipples as accessory fans, pls stand up.” 

In the video she shared, which has currently gathered over 17.8k likes, she filmed herself standing outside, fully clothed but she is noticeably not wearing a bra. 

Maddie, who is wearing a purple tight fitted top, jacket and shorts, explained that she is now “slaying in life”.

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She also added: “Hard nipples are ur (SIC) body giving u a free accessory, I haven’t worn a bra in three years because my nipples deserve to live their slay.” 

The video attracted over 100 comments, with many rushing to share their thoughts. 

One wrote: “I wish I could live this life but the way my sweat glands are set up.”

To which someone else replied writing: “Right. Always have two semi circles of sweat in every shirt for accessories.” 

Supporting Maddie in her decision to ditch the bra, another wrote: “The girls who get it, get it.” 

Another added: “And anyone who tells you it’s ‘inappropriate’ is actually looking at you in an inappropriate way. Respect the accessories or leave.” 

Someone else wrote: “They sit so nice.” 

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